First Experience

working one night this week, @ 8 this beautiful/cute petite pregnant woman came into my diner and ordered "a big plate of hash browns." we were empty so i got to talk with her a lot. it was very hot, very humid. she started complaining about being sweaty and uncomfortable, disgusting and not feeling sexy in any way since 2009. she was red in the face, glowing with sweat on her brow and chest, hair dissheveled in a clip, intense eyes, her petite body only showing the pregnancy in the basketball she carried up front. in leather flip-flops and a simple flowy dress. in other words, sexy as hell. which we argued about, which turned to flirting, which turned to an invitation to a cool shower, which happened in her dress and my skirt/tee, followed by cuddling/fondling/kissing in our wet clothes on my bed. which...playing with a beautiful, wet, pregnant woman made to feel sexy for the first time in many

after she decided she had better go home, i went to the bar still damp and told my fiance the story, which inspired a quicky in the alley on his break.

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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

so incredibly sexy!

Your stories are awesome, get me hard every time.

Enjoyed this story Trish :)