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I never really thought much about pregnant women. It was a condition that brought forth a child or children. I suppose it was also a public statement that said, "Hey, I'm not a virgin or I've had sex."  It just wasn't a big deal.  I always wanted to have children and lots of them and realized that a woman in a pregnant state was part of the process. I didn't give it much thought until my wife became pregnant.

Everything changed.

We were both happy that a little one was going to be coming into our life but we found out about it and then an unfortunate miscarriage. It started both of us thinking about our lives and when we really wanted to create a family.

Very soon after that she became pregnant again but this time with twins. We were overjoyed and both have written about the process of finding out. It was great.

My wife, who is extremely athletic started to notice her clothes not fitting. This was upsetting to her because she wasn't expecting to start showing so soon.  We went shopping and got her some wonderful maternity fashions and shoes and I had a new ring designed for her because hands and feet were swelling.

One day I looked at her going through her closet putting things away because she knew she wouldn't be able to wear them this season because she is pregnant. I notice her getting a little tummy and showing and that is when it hit me how beautiful and sexy she is pregnant.

Wilde is gorgeous to begin with but now, for some reason, pregnancy looks great on her.  That whole pregnancy glow thing really does work for her.

I know she didn't feel sexy at first and the all-day morning sickness and cravings weren't making her too happy but after I got her some beautiful, sexy nightgowns and yoga pants for her to keep active, she's a happy mommy-to-be. We have a lot of matching fun t-shirts that we wear when we go out casually.

I absolutely love her.  She is beautiful, sexy, smart, and soon to be a mommy to our twins. She has made me the happiest man in the world.
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You are so sweet to post this about me. The babies and I are very happy. :o) : ) : )

I am too.