Hold My Hand

i have been privaleged to have hung out with/lived with/hunted with/worked with and loved with many beautiful aboriginal people in just about every state in Australia and i have never met a more excepting and inclusive people..they always wanted all of me..my happiness/pain/sadness/joy, everything!! At Warakurna especially was just so nice,,when one of the male elders wanted to show me something he would take my hand and we would walk holding hands to his destination of interest..I would be leaning over tightening a bolt or doing whatever and one of the younger men would often gently approach and nestle his head on my shoulder so our cheeks were touching just lovely and brings a smile to my face and a warm glow to my heart..One day while driving out from the community hunting one of my close friends put his arm next to mine and said to me, "look Brendan we are the same,there is no difference" and i laughed and said yep looks the same to me too..they are such a touchy people as i am although it saddens me when i am in Sydney and i go to put my hand on some people and i can feel them tense up unsure of my intentions..i dont blame them as fear pulses through the big city..and i know i should always be respectful of someones space..i just cant help myself and i touch without thinking..the feel of skin on skin..mmmmmmmmm
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Presence.....one to another!

Oh, that we were all open to it. What a world it would be!