About me: I am a straight male who wishes to experience pregnancy. To me, nothing feels better than to dress up and look and feel 9months+ pregnant. I am currently working on trying to find a way to simulate this stage of pregnancy INCLUDING the birth experience. I am open to role-play in this are as well... Add and/or message me if you wish to participate. I have no problem participating as birth coach or being the one in labor. Expect some interesting stories to be forthcoming. Until next time, Ciao!
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

That's pretty much how I feel, also! I have spent days at a time enpreg on the pretense I was carrying my BF's baby. I did this during the 9 months and now have a 4 year old daughter. We tried again and now we have 7 month old twins. It's all pretend, of course, but I still go through the motions of wearing a baby bump as it got bigger. I must say I love appearing pregnant!
I also would like to find a way to truly experience labor pains, water breaking and the delivery.

Really sounds like you two had a lot of fun! :D

mmmmmm we still do!