Today's experience: An RP and a current pregnancy.

So, after recently joining Experience Project, I get a message from a person stating they are in labor. I felt SOOO ecstatic, MY FIRST RP! Mind you, it wasn't easy continuing the RP while driving, but I managed to do so safely. Of course, I played birth coach and I will say, everything happened perfectly. I loved it... every moan, coaching through breathes, helping with pushing and finally, helping welcome a new life into the world. I can't wait until I'm married one day and get to do that for my future wife, whoever she might be. It was truly an uplifting experience and I look forward to more.

So, right now I happen to be enjoying my one great pleasure, being pregnant. As I type this, I have a HUGE belly in place. Mine is a bit more elaborate I guess than some. I'm using a bodyshaper to hold the belly, a 'girdle-type thing' to secure and add pressure and a Body-shaping camisole to tie it all together. I just bought a bra yesterday for my 'breasts' and I will say, it woks MUCH better than the one included in the camisole. To experience labor later on, I have two soft baby dolls under my belly. Yes, actual baby dolls (I am attempting twins this time). To complete the look (yes, I cross-dress for my pregnancies. I live by myself, so, why not?) I have on a pair of suntan pantyhose (my favorite shade), a pair of maternity cut-off shorts (got them yesterday) and a polka-dot maternity top (not sure what type it is, but I think it looks nice). I feel SOOO huge right now. I love how the belly kind of gets in the way and even makes typing more difficult than usual as I have to site further back from the keyboard.

I wore this same ensemble yesterday couple with a wig to look more female while I did laundry. I actually got 'ma'am'ed and one kid actually pointed out to her mom that I was pregnant. You have no idea how that made me feel. Yes, I was pregnant! That just made me feel even better about being out in public pregnant. Once again, I felt the full experience then.

Well, gotta run for now, sorry this is such a long post. I will be doing a birth later for these twins... message me if you wish to be involved! Thanks to all, it is so nice to find a place where I can know that I am not alone in this particular interest. Ciao!
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Addition: Right now I can feel my babies pressing on my pelvis... It feels SOOOO great, I feel as though I could pop any moment! :D

I can now feel the first few contractions... I think it's time!

Ooooh... They hurt SOOOO bad. I can feel one of them pushing against my pelvis... Makes me already feel a bit 'pushy'...

Contractions already about two-three mins apart. Walking around a bit to help with the labor. OWWWWWWWWW! Contraction...

Twins delivered by cesarian at 1819 hours... One boy, one girl. :)

Same here... At least they are healthy! :)

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