My New Life

i have been pretending to be pregnant for a few months now. i made my own belly out of a old pillow, a few large safty pins, an old one piece swimming suit and a ribbon. i call the process of putting the belly in place getting pregnant and i even call it my baby.i love feeling like im 9 months pregnant and i even sleep with my baby attached to me. i spend alot of time taking care of other peoples kids and this was the one thing i did that felt right to me. i orignaly made my baby as a halloween prop but i ended up liking it so much that i wear it almost all the time. i havnt gone out in public with it yet and im still settling in to being pregnant so if anyone has any advice for me i would love to hear it.

no i dont have any kids and my boyfriend doesnt know yet. i told him about hte fake belly but not how much i wear it

i added to my belly now its even bigger and alot more firm to the touch and i already love my new baby. i took an old swin cusion and used some of the filling to make a thicker back for my baby and now all i need to do is let evything settle into place before i get any meteral and covver it to make my final baby. im sitting on my bed and my belly is so big that my bood are placticly up my nose. i will post a new picture of me and my baby as soon as i can.

i just added some more pictures of me any my belly. now that i have a working camera i will be posting pictures as much as possibe
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We all have personal needs and you understand yours very well...good for you

Cool cute pic i wish that was real:)