Pretending In Public

Hey, all. My name is Chelsea, but you can call me Samantha. I've posted this story elsewhere (in a group about pretending to have large breasts), so I'll skip the details. Suffice to say, pretending to be pregnant, or pretending to have HUGE breasts, and then going out into public is something I really enjoy, and have for quite some time. I live a normal life in a small town, but when I have a free day, I'll pull out my "kit," and will dress the part. One outfit I have, once outfitted with water-filled balloons, makes me appear as if I'm about to pop with triplets, and am sporting a healthy pair of H cups on top of that. Needless to say, at the end of a day of dressing the part, I get completely worn out. Still, I can't get enough of the looks and comments I get. Something about having a dirty little secret, I guess. ;)

Not sure if anyone else out there shares this interest, but if you do, it might be fun to share some notes.

samanthainthesouth samanthainthesouth
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Would love to support your cause.

Hey my name is Joseph and I know it seems strange but I love pretending to be pregnant and have big breasts I don't know why it just feels right

Good for you, Samantha!! I wish I had the courage to do the same, but I worry that my landlord (who lives upstairs) will notice and go WTF?! Maybe someday I'll take my "kit" and get dressed elsewhere, we'll away from my neighborhood...