My Three Cousins' Smelly Feet

It was summer, 1987. I was in North Carolina, visiting my 2 cousins along with their other cousin from Texas. We were an asian family and I really loved to look at their feet. One day my cousins asked me to come into their room. No one, except them and i were at home, so we never spoke of this event. One of them plopped her socked feet into my face and told me to get on the floor. She asked me if I wanted to sniff her foot so when I started to sniff, she took that as a yes. She placed her othersocked foot on my face and began to sniff. the other two began to join in with their socked feet on my face. the smell was super intense as i started to sniff all three of them at once. My crotch became hard as they removed their socks and smothered them on my face. they then threw their socks away and started to rub their sexy bare feet on my face. I smelled them and then came the fun part. The prettiest one unzipped my pants and ripped off my underwear (because they're so strong) and started to give me a footjob in the crotch. While she was doing that, the other one stuffed both of her feet on my mouth as she lept onto my chest and held me down. Then the last one placed her feet over my nose. While my cousin was giving the footjob, I started to feel some *** coming along. It took ten seconds before I cummed on all of their feet. Then, they started to put all of their feet in my mouth at once. The *** tasted awful. Then I started to lick their feet. They were real dirty because they always played sports every day. When I was done, they told me to lick in between their toes. I did that really quickly because we heard the garage open, meaning that our parents were home. We stopped, but they said that they would be doing that every day because I was there for the whole summer. How lucky I am to be worshipping their sexy feet.
Nago Nago
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great story, can i join the group? you may need help, let me know!<br />
post pics of your cousins feet please.