My First Womens Stinky Feet

Well guys this is a story of how i got my first stinky feet i hope you enjoy. Well i already new i loved a women with feet who absolutely reeked lol i had previously had a girl my age about 18 ask do my feet smell as i joke as i sniffed her stinky toes i got aroused i kept it from everyone tho lol so embaressing since then i have bought womens used socks from ebay and have been dieing to get hold of a women that will let me smell there feet but i never dare ask lol anyway i recently have been on holiday and was had a few drinks lol went out and as i was returning home i was approached by a hooker she grabbed my **** and said if i wanted anything my heart was racing and i said i want to smell your feet she said ok i went back to the hotel and snuck back out to try find her but was whistled by another i went over and was dragged off i was so nervous i was sat down a dark area and she sat me down and took her shoes off she buried her feet in my face and her feet were so so so smelly she had nylons on they reeked i was so hard she pulled my pance down and started rubbing me i said please take your nylons off she took them off and began to rub me again i finally got her bare feet i buried my toes in her cheesy toes which i imagine she was on all night they stunk so bad i just licked all over her feet and sucked her dirty stinky toes and cummed everywere we were done i had the fumes of her cheesy feet in my mouth and up my nose she smiled and said are you walking back i said no and she wondered off everytime i think of that i instantly get an errection lol ever since then i want more ad more but i dont know when my next oppurtunity will be lol well i hope you enjoyed my story guys :)
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Love your experience!

Wow, how lucky man, I did try the same a couple of times when I was on holiday, but none of them had any smell. Im starting to think that being sensitive to female feet pheromone sucks, it's amazing how common this like is, yet so wrongly stigmatized.