Stinky Feet

Today I was at scool and it was 8th period. This girl Christina sits behind me. Shes type pretty, she's 4'11 and has this big huge booty. Anyway I was sittiin in my chair wen I noticed she took off her shoes, I didnt know if her feet smelled or not but I wanted to smell them anyway. Me and her r kinda good frends, so while i was sittin sideways in my chair, she put her feet threw my chair and on my leg. Her feet were face up with the toes pointing up and everything. At first I didnt smell anything, but then this funky smell flew into my nose, and in my mind i was sayin yes!!! So I played it off like I was layin my head on my hand so i culd get close enough to her feet. Then the funky, stinky smell of her feet flew into my nose perfectly. I culd totally smell the funk. Sadly the period ended, but she said she was gonna do it more often. Yehhh!!! 

Neomaster Neomaster
1 Response Feb 13, 2009

Lucky. Short and simple