Love Female Foot Odour

My foot fetish is twofold.  I love a beautiful pair of feet, long toes in particular do it for me.  I also prefer a lady's feet if they are nice and smelly.  Then again I love the smell of female sweat so maybe it is more of fetish for female body odours.  It makes sense I suppose.  Smell is a huge component of attraction for all mammals.  We humans are just a bit weird because we are in general completely obsessed with obliterating our natural scent.  I know an aromatherapist that has a theory that divorce is so high with people who do not live together before marriage because the first time you sleep with someone it is the first time you actually find out what the person smells like as opposed to the dozens of cosmetic products they wear during the day.

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2010

very good - I also like this


we understand the love of a persons smell! We both love the smell of each other as well as our self! She smells like ounions and I smell sorta like cheese.. Yumm it does make for some very hot sex!!!

Do you like the smell of all female sweat or just particular females?

yes - but of perfect feet - long legs white female