Heartland Of Pretzels :-)

I grew up in Stuttgart (Germany) and now I'm studying in a city in Bavaria so it's fair to say that I spent my entire life in the heartland of "Brezeln" (pretzels).

I love to eat soft pretzels with butter for breakfast when I'm at my parent's house. When I was still living with my parents it was my task to go to the nearest bakery on a Sunday morning and buy a bag of pretzels. In retrospect, I think it was their way to make sure that I would come home early from going out with friends on a Saturday night because I always knew I had to get up early the next morning to buy pretzels for my family :-)
I have to admit that I couldn't perform my duty every weekend and my parents had to buy the pretzles themselves from time to time because I was fast asleep ^^
Since I moved to another town my younger sister was assigned with the task of buying pretzels and I'm looking forward to seeing how often she'll manage to get the job done :-)
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I love soft pretzels, but instead of butter I like cheese with them. I can't say I have had great ones but pretty good, the German exchange students hate our pretzels, but love our marshmallows, no idea why.

I love pretzels and beer. mmmmmm. Maybe because it is the german in me coming out?

I lived in Stuttgart for 3 yrs and my brother was born there.I was pretty young so i don't remember if we bought pretzels or not but i enjoy them esp when a pretzel is wrapped around a hot dog-pretzel dog.They have those at a fast food restaurant in Calif called Der Weinersnitzel.<br />
Anyway fun story thank you.