The Scent Of A Pretzel.

So this afternoon a friend of mine came over and they were eating pretzels. I asked my friend if she knew what a pretzel smelled like. She looked at me with her face all contorted and answered "yes, of course". I could just imagine what she was thinking about me since she was eating them right in front of Anyways I told her to pull a pretzel out and smell it, and she looked at me now with a puzzled look on her face. She said "they don't smell at all! Like anything!" I giggled and told her now lick the pretzel and smell it again...So she did smelled like a pretzel. That's how much I like pretzel's! I took the time to get to know all about them...LOL

DomestiqueGoddess DomestiqueGoddess
36-40, F
Oct 8, 2009