I Love Prison Break

my favorite charactors in prison break is paul the guy that worked for the female president

and my second favorite is teebag theadore bagwell.

in the first season teebag was my number one favorite.

i love season 1 and season 2 but season 3 and 4 sucks.

i was sad when micheal scolfield died saving sarah. crys!!!

i watched the whole thing on netflix. i have the hots for paul. it's really sad what happen to Don Self hes like half retarded in a wheele chair unable to take care of him self cause of that stupid injection they gave him. crys.
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my first favorite character is Alex Mahone (love that man), second is Paul, and third is T-bag

I love Prison Break! Micheal is so hot! <3

i think paul is hot teehee!!i don't care to much for micheal to much.

Oh yes he is! ditto !

Well I usually don't watch tv or go for this sort of thing, but once I started watching it, my daughter and I got hooked on the whole 4 seasons of the show.
My favorite character is Michael Scofield.
I love his character because he is so smart and adept at acing any situation in life no matter how impossible it seems.
We all could use that kind of inspiration for how to solve problems and how problems are just opportunities in disguise. That's just my personal take. I am very idealistic and nonjudgmental.