Just "looooove" Sissy Prissy Cartoons

When i view the Prissy Sissy cartoons, I fantasize that I am the subject of the cartoon, and that I am being 'forced' to wear the lovely frilly clothing that the sweet "Gurlies" are wearing. The feeling becomes so intense that my own little clitty starts to leak just so much sweet precum, my panties get all wet.
Does this happen to any of the other "gurlies" that enjoy these cartoons ??
redbow25 redbow25
56-60, M
10 Responses May 19, 2012

Yes I love them also! And getting wet is so nice as I do not need to work my bits it's just comming out for me to enjoy!

Yes i always find such art and drawings most fascinating,and am sure they are drawn by a very understanding sissy --just like us--more sensual sissy art PWEEEEEZe

Oh yes, indeed. Some of the toons present certain situations that we sissies crave to experience. Most are drawn very well and some are just works of art...they are so sensuous.

I also Love these. Some you put yourself into them & dream, & others are just so funny

Makes me want to shoot my load just reading them.

I too love these cartoons, I picture myself being made to wear girls clothing...

YES! I love to take my time and enjoy them. IT always ends the same... me in a sticky mess :)

I love them, too. It is fun to imqagine I am a pre-teen boy around 10 or 12 and am being all 'dressed up' for a party. And the fashions I wear are all so prissy with lots of ruffles and bows and lace. And at the parties I learn to dance with other prissy boys like me and hold their hands and give sweet kisses. Of course it took some 'trasining' for me to accept my lot. It helped when I joined 'Prissy Sissies of America' and started esrning badges and ribbons.

I've just discovered these lovely works of art. It makes me so happy that I have a wonderful collection of panties to wear as I live my sexy life.

I know the feeling. Makes you wish you could model for the artist.