Prissy Sissy Girls

There is one Prissy Toon I have seen that is like no other that I have seen. It has three women in it. Two are dressed as usual, and the third is only wearing a short, sheer nightie and high heels. She has a broom in her hand and begging the other women, "Ladies, Please don't do this to me."

I forget what the other women are saying to her, but it is clear that they forcing her into the same situations that we see other males in the Prissy toons being forced into.

If anyone has any more toons that are like, I would love to have them.

This goes well with some femdom stories that I have been wanting to write. There are two households who are neighbors. In the first household there is a mother, father, two girls and a boy. In the second household there is a mother, father, two boys and a girl. All the girls and women get upset because the males are not helping with the housework and doing other that the women disapprove of. The women decide to take control and introduce feminine domination as well as spanking and petticoat punishment.

This is surprising successful. Soon it is a common occurrence for any of the men or boys to bent over, with their dresses up and panties down, begin spanked by any of the females. The males are also required to put on little shows similar to what we would find in Prissy toons.

The problem is that, after a short while, the mother and the older girl from the first house are letting the males of their house out of the punishments. The other females get together and decide that if they don't do something, the whole system is going to fall apart and things will quickly go back to what they were. The women that they are going to have a meeting someplace where the men can't hear what is going on. The men are to put on their sissy attire, clean the houses and make a backyard picnic for the two families.

When it is time to sit down for the picnic, the women come out, but now the mother and older daughter from the first house are dressed in the same kind of sissy clothes that the men are. They are ordered to turn their backs to the men, bend over and touch their toes. The mother from the second house announces that until these two women have the courage to "behave as women should", they will be subjected to the same punishments and humiliations that the men are. "And to prove this, these two sissy girls will now ...".

The rest of the story I have not decided on all the details yet.
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Will now bone them! Afterall, the sissies would love to screw the women.

I would like the links to "prissy toons."<br />
Thank you. :-)

I updated the story. It should have read "I have not decided on all the details"