i moved in my place december last year and the day i moved a chap across the road was struggling with a sofa out of the back of his van so i offered to help. I have only seen him 4 times since, until lately he regulary comes round,knockas on my door repeatedly (11 times in 40mins) tells me my doorbell done work ( thank gos or he would drive me nuts!!)

every time i get in my car in the morning he is there, he invades my personsal space and i dont want to invite him into my home as he gives me the creeps, i dont like him touching me, last night he grabbed my face through the smell gap i left in the door and kissed my cheeks - i just hate it. how can i tell him to leave me alone, without blatently saying ' get lost you pervert'?

he has a wife at home across the road and they are both in thier 60's and he is okay whe she is around, its when he is on his own with me!!

you know that feeling you get when you just know you dont feel safe, i get that and all i do is make polite conversation.

sazzleting sazzleting
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

That's too bad. I value my privacy as well. It is most prized possession. What you need to do is to stop returning his communications. it's too late to not return the most important communication which was the initial one; the one you started. You were just trying to be nice but certain types of people, the majority of whom are guys, take that to be a sign. She helped me! rather than (that could've been anyone that she helped.)<br />
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I recommend familiarizing yourself w/ stalking statutes relative to your state and upping your caution a few notches especially before you get home and lock the door or get to work/school. Don't park next to vans or walk to close to one parked on the street. <br />
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I wish you all the best.