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I got an email from an app I installed and signed up for news letters for. In their jobs section, they have these programmingchallenges. I don't know if they last indefinitely or are time limited, but I'm going to do them anyway. There are four, and I'm starting with the least verbose one. I thought it looked a bit hard, but the algorithm is really easy! I'm just wondering if I can do something to make it faster, or if that is not possible. When I post my answer, I want it to be as bestest as possible, SIC, and if they notice, maybethey'll ship me over to America?
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

this project has been on the backburner for a long, long time. all that's left to do is just get on the computer, test and submit it, and it's been in that state for months. partly it's just not as high a priority as other stuff i have going on, and partly i'm just not in the habit of using the computer, since i can do nearly everything on the tablet, including printing (which actually i can't do from the computer unless i reboot into windows) and even writing code. i wrote the code on the tablet for this project.