Muhaammad The Messanger Of Peace

While reading about the great prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) you find that he is the prophet of peace , there are many stories about the true meaning of peace .
One great story happened after he entered Mecca and faced those who expelled him out of Mecca , stole his money and the money of his followers and companions , caught and tortured till death whom believed in him ,
after facing those people with all power to do whatever he wanted , you know what he told them :
he asked : what do you think I am going to do ?
they said : a generous brother . ( they were so afraid and tried to remind him that they were in the same city as his , they tried to ask for mercy so they said "brother" but after they had committed the worst crimes )
he (the prophet of peace ) then told : go , you are free !!! .....

Peace be upon you !!!
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Salla Allah alayhi wa sallam!

a very timely message of peace through the very life of our Noble Prophet Muhammed , peace be upon him .

Hopefully , the so called literate writers and champions of freedom will realise some day the disservice they do to mankind by the rashness , and lack of knowledge and mmisguidance . May Almighty Allah guide such people and bring them out of the clutches of satan .Ameen

I ask Allah to guide us and all people to the straight way . Amen !!!

Masha'Allah! Such a great example, thanks for sharing. People need to know this and we all need to stop any of this to happen again! Like a friend I know said "This isn't freedom of speech this is the abuse of freedom of speech"

There is no freedom in insulting with blind eyes , if he were sure that he was true , he would criticize respectably , but not insulting others and then hide .
Where is the point in doing such things ?
I am telling you that he wanted really to abuse to Islam , but I believe that he is going to push so many to enter Islam Inshaallah or at least to know the true Islam .