Getting A "Mamasan Hand Job"

The expression may have come out of the Vietnam war years and my lover is Southeast Asian. I have partial ED and finishing from intercourse is an unsatisfying chore. As a result, I have become expert at hand and oral on her and give her a very satisfying outcome.

Her routine is a Mamasan Hand job which has her positioned between my spread legs, giving me an erotic massage with plenty of aloe Vera lotion. When the moment approaches, I roll back gripping my knees and she massages my prostate anally (pointer finger in to the second knuckle, "come here" motions). If I am (often) weakly hard, this firms me up wonderfully and I get a strong ***********. I just love it. I am grateful she does it willingly. This would be a satisfying approach for many men with ED.
dargilmar65 dargilmar65
36-40, M
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Thanks for the "heads up." I also have partial ED.

i love it!