I respect them! Many people look down on them because they have sex for money.. But that's what they wanna do! Just like you work a 9-5, they work nights on a corner to make money.

EXPECT for the ones that let themselves get abused by the people they "work for"

I respect the prostitutes that have their own hustle. Prostitutes and pornstars are just alike.. Except people love pornstars and put down prostitutes.
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Hi there,
For over a year I have been chatting to a gorgeous EP girl who is a young escort. She's stunningly beautiful. She has a particular vocation to service deprived old married men.

We should love to be together, but she is in USA and I am in a very closed marriage in UK.
I love her to bits, but she's very young and so very impetuous. She looks to me as a lover and guiding grampa :-))
If we were together I should let her continue as an escorts and we would give each other all those things we want and need from each other.
I know that I could give her the real love that she has never had at home.
She is unbelievably lovely.
I wouldn't mind if she wanted to be a pornstar, too !
Peter xx

^5. I'd be one willingly due to being a nympho, but it's not legal in my state. Too bad there aren't any jobs here either :p

Enough said

Prostitutes the most honest people on earth. When you are ******* one you know exactly why she is letting you do it. She knows every perversion that there is, and will not be shocked if you ask for it, even if she will not do it. You can tell them about what you have done with other women without the slightest jealousy on their part. They are the only people that I feel I can talk to completely openly; they know my dirtiest secrets and still accept me. I love, respect and admire them.

totally agreed.... I am 21 years old I have an escort agency of my own. i make sure my girls stay comfortable... and prostitutes also at some level are equal to escorts. .