The best relationships I have had were with strippers and prostitutes. They were more loving, caring and mindful than the women who speak poorly of them. I have never heard one speak poorly of anyone else.

That is why I love prostitutes. It’s to the point that I look for a relationship from anyone in those professions. When I find one, I look forward to building a relationship with her. I often suspect that when I find 'the one', that it will be a ******** or prostitute.
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You know the psychological truth about you GimmeYum, it's that you secretly hate women. You seem them merely as a sexual tool to be used and abused. You think you care about women? What do you actually like about women when it comes to actual personal qualities vs. their average looking ***** physical appearance? Get ******* real. It is really great when you are wasting your life away sleeping with anyone and everyone contracting STDS and ruining lives, but you know a lot about that don't ya?So yeah, again go ahead and stand up for your average looking immoral women who sell themselves and refuse to get a real job and contribute anything meaningful to society or life itself. I don't give a damn about you or what you do so stay the **** off my profile page you lost idiot.

Wow, where did that come from!? That was out of no where. Maybe you are insecure that I see people deeper than surface matters like looks or mistakes. Maybe you fear I will see you deeper than you want to be seen.

What ever the case, I do find what you said humorus coming from someone who in another post said "To be plain and average is as good as being ugly or like a ghost/wall."

I don't sleep around, I can count on one hand the number of partners I have had. My relationships when I do find someone last more than a 12 month period and haven't had one less than that. I wonder if you can say the same.

i'm not sure where all this hate for your fellow human kind is coming from but you need to look deep in your sole and reflect on your life. Who are you to judge a woman for her mistakes. Can you say you say you have made no mistakes of your own?

You seem mad at my willingness to look deeper than the surface. Is it because you like to look like an ocean, but worry that anyone who walks in will quickly find that they can walk to the other side?

So many questions I have for this anger and I suspect I wouldn't get a true answer if I asked you.

I want you to know I care for you and about you greatly. If there is anything I can do for you or be someone you can talk to; that offer is always open. I'm sorry you seem to have so much hate. I love you as family even with your hate filled words. I will always love you as family. If you need anything from me, just ask.

You don't see deeply into anything, you are just some crazed sex maniac of EP. Pretty sure if it walks or has a vagina you will **** it. Guess what though? Nobody cares. You treat women like some sex experiment to be used and abused and then you throw them to the curb in about 12 months or so. Always looking for some new sex thrill at the expense of someones heart and true feelings. How do you live with yourself?

Maybe you should think before you write or open your damn mouth. Oh boy, 12 months? My relationships last for years. When I get into a serious relationship I carry a intention of being with that person forever. I am a better person than you will ever be, mistakes included. Maybe that's because I care about other peoples thoughts and feelings unlike you. Maybe you are just socially inept or something.

You judged me, so get ready for some judgement of your own now to deal with. You think I let people like you walk all over me? Guess again. I am better off alone than with insane sex perverts such as yourself. Stop trying to make bs comments on my page aimed to hurt...

Well, better luck next time because I don't give a f*** about you or anything that you do.

So no, you don't care about me and know nothing about me as a individual. Good luck and try again next time.

I see your hate fill words and that you are upset at my words. I can only tell you the truth and it is your choice to deny it. I never judged you, I never cast a stone at you. I want you to know that I care for you and love you as if you are my family.

If you ever need anything I am here for you. I will always love you as if a member of my family. You can ask for anything from me and I will provide. I see you are hurt and scared. Xenia, my family, my friend, I will always love you as such.

I feel exactly the same. I am a 30 year old man and I've only ever had 2 relationships in my life and one of those was with a hooker.

Real women look down on me and reject me. I've had 4-5 prostitutes that were genuinely nice and not because I was paying them. I've never celebrated my birthday post 12 because I have no friends but I visit prostitutes. Once I told one it was my birthday and her and her friend bought me a cup cake and put a little candle in there and sang my happy birthday in Polish. That is one of my sweetest memories. None of my "real" friends have even sent me a card in 17 years.

Another prostitute offered to go see a movie with me (free of charge) as she could tell I was lonely.

Another one offered to be my wing man to try and find a girl friend (Again free).

Compared to my non-paid (supposedly "real" friendships) my regular prostitutes have given a **** about stuff going on in my life.

Hookers are awesome for those who cannot hold down friendships or relationships.

It made me feel ashamed, Iike I needed to be naked and in heels to get attention or even feel good about myself.

As I said in my story... Its about who the person is. I think prostitutes are more loving, caring and mindful because they know from their job, a real connection isn't made with nudity and heels. Its about who you really are.

Know how you feel, I'm the same