I'm a married guy who's been going to prostitutes for years. It's something I'm not proud of and spent a great deal of time in therapy and going to 12 step groups, but I never could stop. I finally learned to accept that part of me. I'm still going to a lot, or at least a lot for me. It's a bizarre experience. You pay someone money to rent their body essentially. It's really crazy if you step away and look at it from a distance. I think it's in our DNA to want to be with other people. Some men are better equipped to repress that urge than others. I am not very well equipped. I don't think I ever internalized the values society bestows on men to keep them in line. All that said, there is always a part of me that is determined to stop. Maybe it'll be easier as I learn more about empathy and respect in my later years. I'm beginning to understand that my wife really deserves better than this.
I'm pretty pathetic, I know.
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I have been married for 13 yrs and I have had sex three times outside the marriage. They all have been one night stands. Further I probably had ten plus women who gave me handjobs. I feel terrible about all of them. What started as a revenge has really gone out of control.

When I see the video by Sam Smith "only one" I see my wife crying. So far that has been the only thing that kept me behaving. Whenever I have the urge I make myself listen to the song.

I think it is absolutely disgusting & so Very morally wrong. If you are lying or portraying that your in a monogamous relationship misleading your wife.
If you want an open relationship just say it or leave your wife.
You are jepodising your wife's health. Condoms aren't 100% safe & there is still bodily fluids that exchange during sex.
Tell your wife what's happening so she can make an informed decision with her health & future life.
You have no right to put her in such a vonerable position.
Knowledge is power.
Who knows she might not mind or care???
She has the right & is entitled to know...

Amen honey!!!

Stop. It's okay.

My husband cheated on me with 8 prostitutes that i know of. It has shattered my world and he doesn't believe he is better than that. Doesnt even attemp to be grateful i cared about his well being n getting him better than myself

You need to tell your wife, then leave her. I'm a wife who just found out that my husband has been seeing prostitutes, and let me tell you that the betrayal, hurt and devastation is unbearable.

I'm 31, slightly curvy, confident and open-minded. I've been married for 8 years and had my husband been more open about his desires, I would have happily obliged. I'm so sick of hearing about men who complain that it's their wife's fault for not being more sexual with them. If you want the **** Star experience with your wife, put the effort into making her feel sexy and confident. You reap what you sow.

same here. doing it since i was 24 do thats 31 years. conclusion...its not that big a deal. expensive though...

It's not pathetic, your a man acting on a natural urge. just don't take anything back to your wife lol

The honorable thing to do though is to discuss I with her. Who knows, there may be a wild chance she may be interested in opening up your relationship