I can certainly dress and look like one! They really know how to look amazing and totally own the place!
sxystreetwalker sxystreetwalker
31-35, F
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love the confidence. this recent?

Fabulous curves - and those legs!

Yes dear, a prostitute by choice is one of the most exhilarating thing in the world especially for sexy, freaking crazy girl like you. you can wear the most sexy or skimpy dress and can enjoy sex with absolutely anyone anywhere. And prostitutes with gorgeous body like yours, and an attitude that is super crazy would b most perfect attribute that i like to hav for my gf. you loook amazing dear, hope u wud wear less n less, show more n more and become a perfect prostitute every man loves for

Yes you do own the place....Great attitude....

I believe they do deserve all the respect

yep.. you own me!

Thank you sweetheart. Please, feel free to add me :)

Well you damn sure do!