well, this was probably as predictable as cold weather in winter... story in comments (because it got deleted the first time).
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My marriage has been sexless for about 4 years. While in Ottawa, Canada last June I made contact with an escort and had a truly extraordinary time. Though I have no real experience to base this on, we (she, the young male friend she brought along and I) really seemed to hit it off. I paid only for an hour but we talked and ate (and they drank some) for at least 3 hours before she got down down to business. And wow did she rock my world! We stayed in touch by text, which increased in frequency and intensity until I I decided to return to Ottawa the following month. The three of us spent the week together, and despite some warning signs I fell in love with her. We continued to text, sext, exchange pics and vids, and made plans to see each other in another US city, but unfortunately she was arrested for possession of pot at her airport and never made it for our weekend -- she's young). I was sending her money to help with this and that, but was fine with it. Though she never told me she loved me (as I told her on several occasions), I believed she was growing ever fond of me and that my age didn't really bother her. But in November I asked her not to use my Amex that month because I had a major tax bill to pay. A couple of weeks later I discovered she had run up a $2300 bill! When I went through the statement I noticed that some of the dates on which she paid for Uber taxis corresponded with the dates on vids and pics she had sent me (really hot vids of her giving a guy, a client I presume, head, etc.). The problem is not that she was with other men, far from it, it was that on those dates she had fallen silent and later, the next morning, stated she had felt ill and slept for an extended period. So at once I was faced with a deception about her sexual life that didn't make sense, since I assumed she was with clients regularly (though she had told me she had quit hooking a few months before and was relying solely on cam work), and her abuse of my trust and confidence in her regarding my Amex. I asked for explanations, again and again. I just needed some explanation, something to help me make sense of these things. She steadfastly refused. No explanation was ever offered. After weeks like that, I told her I couldn't continue with our.. whatever it was. A few days later she asked me to post her ads on Backpage one last time and I refused. She threatened to send pics of me to my work, so I relented. She said she would explain everything... Well I showed her how the new posting system on Backpage works, transferred to her control of the bitcoin account. As soon as, I mean the very minute, she realized she could post ads on her own, I never heard another word from her. It's been a few weeks. I'm a grown man with a successful career, a wonderful daughter and, yes, a complicated marriage to a woman I'm still fond of. But despite all the obvious signs I was an extended client with deep pockets and nothing more, I look back through our mountain of texts, and see her beautiful face and body in all those pics and vids, and I long for her. I feel like a complete idiot, but I long for her nonetheless.