I wish I could be a prostitute. I hate that it's not legal. I love sex and taboos. Why can't someone pay me for it?
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where are u from?


im from ireland

i would i love prostitutes

my mom was one when i was younger also went out with one once

Pretend to go out on a date. XD

Ill tie you up ...then call my friends over . And tell them they can have their way with you for $100 ea

Have you asked to be paid?

I have, and then they get upset

I will pay you.

I want to be a prostitute so bad too!


But for different reasons

Too bad we can't do it together ;-)

I'd love to have all three of you

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I would

What's wrong for 2 adults getting together for mutual enjoyment and then tipping for the time spent together. I do it often


prostitution is legal, but buying the services of a prostitute is illegal

So, become a **** star instead.

Whats legal have to do with it?

I dislike being arrested lol

I wouldn't tell if you wouldn't. Just make sure you don't solicit a cop and you'll be ok.

Important safety tip: Don't solicit a cop, or a crazy person... ;)

But crazy people make the best *****.

lol - up to a point, then it is time to just back away... slowly.... ;)

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