I used to be an "escort" (legal loophole in prostitution, you get paid for your 'time' and not 'sexual favors') and I love it, I'd do it again if I could get customers around me. Its amazing money and there's really no shame in making people feel happy
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i understand you. my gf is a prostitute the last year and a half and earns great money. ive always admired prostitutes and if i could id be one too.

I have mad respect for you. I have stopped for a while again, and I so badly want to go back into the life. I was not an escort per se, but I share your feelings.

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Id love a relationship with a girl like you

Hello Alice,
I agreed with what you wrote.

I am ancient (79) in a sexless marriage, but I should love to have a prostitute as a gf and lover. It nearly happened once. But she had been kidnapped before I could get to her and help her. It was 6 yrs later that she found me again. By that time her pimps etc. had turned her into a druggy and alcoholic. It was a tragedy.
She longed for me to **** her because we loved each other, and she really wanted to be my gf, to have someone who loved her, knowing that I was married. But it was too much of a risk, a real tragedy.
Peter xx

As long as you enjoy what you're doing, then that's all that matters.