Some of My Fave Bands

I LOVE the Meteors!! Also love Deadbolt, the Polecats, Koffiin Kats,and the Necromantix....Don't know any more bands..If anyone knows some let me know. :D

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5 Responses Jun 7, 2009

Dypsomaniaxe is a dope *** all girl Psychobilly band. They broke up, though. I think they're Russian?But they're dopeeeee

Thanks for the bands! I like the early stuff! I didn't think I would like anything that came out before the 90's but I was surprised! :D

Check out some of the original early UK Psychobilly. There are some great bands around today, but the early stuff has a better feel to it. Try The Guana Batz, The Caravans, The Go-Katz, The Pharaohs...

the rocketz, the ghost stories, tiger army, 3 bad jacks, the long tall texans, the creepshow, just to name a few

Thanks! :D