Parent Ego State

People who grow up without a parent tend to have an incomplete PARENT EGO state. Unconsciously they are looking for that missing parent in other people--while some may be even put off by anyone who acts paternal towards them. The way to fill in this gap is by programming (the self) with information about parenting to develop appropriate parenting patterns. They can do this by reading books about parenting or observing friends with children. They can also CONSCIOUSLY focus on the needs
of others and try to accomodate those needs in an appropriate manner. It will take time for the PARENT ego state to feel some what--if not whole once again. 

(Transactional Analysis TA)
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It is true i have been into the thing,, never being raised by my parents

It is very common and obvious. It is amaxing how emotionally attached people are to these root casues to be unaware of this. I really think getting into sex and relationships before they get secure first casues such lack of self understanding, confusion, desperation, control and lack of awareness. I at 20 figure that out, it amazing.

I lost my mother and father but became aware young and did not get into male relationships so i can become whole first. I do counsel and see the lack of a parent and one reaching to replace the missing parent for a boyfriend or a girlfreind and we see the "dependency" issues. Sometimes other things effect it such as the fear of being on ones own and believing in themselves. The desire body and need to control.

my dad passed away when i was 14/<br />
but i dont feel paternal/maternal to anyone OAO

euphoricanomaly--I think you can credit that to the nurturing and prejudicial part of your parent ego along with the adapted child part of your child ego. In other words you know what you are suppose to do as a parent as far as nurturing, prejudicial opinions, rules, and boundaries by what your mother taught you. That's great!

I think it's interesting too. :)

Interesting, i never thought of it that way.......would explain some of the people i meet :-)