I Think That Not Everyone Could Be A Psychologist

Ok.. I study psychology and I can say that this is what I want to do... But I am a little disappointed from some of the people who study with me...

When we hear about the word 'psychology' our first thought is person who help...Person who understands... Person who cares.. But I am confused. I mean in my university group there are people who can't be someones who can help, care or understand. First of all in our group we should be helping to each others and feel for our things and than to help to others. But there are people who are here just to hear something interesting about you and than to tell that to others so they can do the gossip thing..

We have one class where every week we tell something about our last week. We tell the most important event and our feelings about that. These things are easy to tell if you really feel that the people will understand you. But I find it hard to tell because I know that they are immature, not serious and I am pretty sure that everything that someone says on that class, they collect that information so they can do the after classes gossip and laugh about..

Well my point is how can someone like that be psychologist in the future? If I should go to psychologist I definitely wouldn't go knowing that this kind of people are maybe became psychologist.. I am frustrated that they sign to university so they can just get the diploma.
I love my profession and I am looking forward to success but I feel bad because someone is really here to learn about psychology and love to do that and others are here to spend their time and... in the future they will take work place from someone who is really needing and loving the psychology...

I don't know... I think not everyone could be a psychologist..
Maybe I see wrong on the things..
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2011

Thank you both for the comments.. =)<br />
I am already selective about what I share and I don't care about others in the group but..<br />
I care about the ones who will visit a psychologist that's with the same personality like some of my classmates..

Thanks! =)