It Gives Me Hope.

Pretty much since I was 21 I have had a very large interest in psychology. For several years of messing up my life, destroying my work history... basically not doing anything productive, I have only skimmed past it.

Now that I am 24 I find myself with the same mental problems, they have changed as I have grown, but nevertheless my mind is not free from problems.
I have been seeing a therapist and psychologist several times now, and I have been researching my possible mental disorders.

With psychology I see far more light at the end of the tunnel then I thought I ever would. Instead of thinking that I am going to be a loose that can't accomplish anything... I have reasons for my behavior, actions, etc. It is not something to completely excuse my actions but it gives me a foothold to realize what I have to fix.

So far the two disorders that are the most possible are a combination of parts from Borderline Personality Disorder, and Adult ADHD. When I was first told I had either, I automatically assumed that all the symptoms had to be present. As I learn more, I know that parts from any disorder can be present. Usually if another disorder is present, that is the only other one.

So my love for psychology is very deep, showing me a possible path out of my own mental problems. I am never going to be a very "regular" person... but I will be able to function. It will take work, time and patience... but thanks to psychology I have hope.
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2 Responses Jun 6, 2011

Thank you for your post!!! This gives me hope that I will spend my life helping people, which is very rewarding

Sounds like you are taking back the self-respect that you deserve for yourself. keep this in mind--if it helps, your life is not about you, but what you say and do to those in it. life is to short to hate or have negative thoughts or deeds as a part of it. Have you ever heard of Edgar Cayce and his thoughts on the akashic records. Also ever read about The Apparitions of Fatima. Hope you can add some of this information in building the truth that is you.