Such a talented person will be laid to rest today. I so sad this is how it ends for Whitney Houston at the age of 48. I listened to some of her songs again recently and it made me even more sad that how great she was and how drugs and alcholol and being with the wrong people can change your life forever.
Some stars know how to deal with fame others dont. I will remember her as a beautiful person who has a voice only god could produce and now she will be singing for him and the angels in heaven. I hope we remember her like others for the talent she had and the gift she shared with us for ever so short a periiod and realize we all make mistakes, some make extreme mistakes because they can. RIP Whitney i love you thank you for all your songs and your great voice.
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omg your words are so sincere darling , and whitney was awsome and her songs will stand the test of time r.i.p whitney xx

Touching tribute honey,you are a beautiful person inside and out. Love Lauren x

I'm with you on this abg. What she gave to us was plenty to forget & forgive all the nonsense that too often comes with a spotlight.