Does this make me evil? 0:)

Being the chameleon of the class, I get to gather a lot of dirt about everyone. Most of the time it's not even intentional. But the fact that they open up to someone like me intrigues me. The human mind fascinates me, and I wanna know what makes people tick. I'm just a very curious person. Knowing makes me feel powerful, unlike I really am. Like I can manipulate people. It's just.. fun. :D
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Your not evil, you just have bad behavior. lol. Strength comes from many perspectives but to have strength with honor, that comes from acquiring virtues through suffering.

Haha no it doesn't make you evil. I used to do that allllll the time, it was hilarious and fun! I used to pick people I would never normally get along with or be friends with and see how well I could blend in with them and how quickly I could get them to tell me everything, i became so good at figuring out, and manipulating people that I could figure out their secrets and what not before they told me. Not going to lie, I've definitely misused peoples trust and taken things abit too far in the past

me too. lived the same in high school. took it as a compliment although I never told anyone about it ... until now :)

Were you born like this or did something happen that made you see people this way?