The mind intrigues me. Psychology, for me, is just amazing. Something I plan to major in in college.

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lol Well I want to be an author and an actress so I think it fits.

how interesting!!!!

lol well I don't know that I'll major in it still. I'm thinking I'm going to minor in it. I want to major in Creative Writing and Theatre.

yeah i love psychology too, i plan to major in it when i go to college as well lol

lol well thank you. I'm glad you understand. Some people just don't get it, you know? lol

i understand completly, im like that with my photography!<br />
<br />
im sure your great.

Well, and I don't want to sound rude, but I don't put my work on the computer. I don't even store it on there. I hand write it all and it doesn't go near this contraption. I have trust issues with my work. Its not you. Its just a fear of mine. :

you'll have to send me something!!!

Lol well thank you. I guess thats why I'm a writer. I'm good with words! :)

wow. very interesting.. i like the line, pen rather than a badge! very cool.

I wanted to be a forensic scientist with a basis in forensic pychology. I grew up watching forensic files and had it decided thats what I wanted to do before shows like CSI and Criminal Minds were even ideas. But when I read the book "Whoever Fights Monsters" it was set. I wanted to be a criminal profiler with the BAU in Quantico. But, with my passion for writing, I finally decided that I'd pursue a career with my pen rather than with a badge. I'm still deeply interested, and you never know, I may become a profiler yet! But I came up with an idea much like one in that book. I thought about doing a little of both; going into journalism and interviewing inmates on death row and the like. For now, however, I'll just keep on writing and learning and working my way to greener pastures. :)

i study it. its sooo good!

ME TOO! Except not normal psychology forensic psychology which just means I will be a profiler and talk to the criminally insane! YAY! :D