Me & Psychology

When I was first thinking about what to study at university I was going to do psychology, but because I was good at natural sciences I was encouraged to do something 'more scientific'. I chose Neuroscience which was taught half between the psychology dept & half between the biology dept. I never got to study social psychology. But now I've just completed a PG Diploma in Career Guidance - so I would have been better off doing psychology in the first place!!!!!
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Yeah, & 'behavioural neuroscience' was my favourite. I think I'ld like to do the conversion course in psychology but will have to do it part time over 2 years & work part time & when I have more money. I don't think I regret my decision really, I found it really interesting in parts.

And you probably would have encountered 'behavioural neuroscience' in psychology anyway! <br />
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So are you going into career guidance now? No more psychology?