My Nude Scene

I used to work as an actor for a couple of years doing commercials for local businesses and the occasional community theater. I was a bit short on money, like most actors, and I saw an ad online for an actor at a local theater, the pay was much higher than normal so I decided to look into it. After my audition I soon realized why. There was a nude scene. I was quite surprised when I heard this, I didn't really know what to say. I decided to continue after some thought because I needed the money. A few days later I was called, I got the lead male role. During rehearsals over the next couple of months we had always just done the scene in regular clothing or sometimes in our underwhere and just pretended.

A week before our first show the director talked to Emily and I, Emily is my co-star. She was a beautiful woman. Tall, athletic, long brown hair, very attractive. He told us that before we did the nude scene on opening night, we had to see one another nude so there would be no awkwardness during the performance. He recommended we go into the dressing room and become "familiar" with one another. We both agreed nervously, although we knew that eventually we would see one another's genitals.

We went into her dressing room backstage. It was very awkward at first. We stood there silently for several moments, eventually she broke it and said "So... you first or me?". "Umm", I said quickly, "Well, you go first, and I'll go after you". She nodded, then began unbuttoning her blouse. I could see her bra as she did so. I couldn't help but think about her breasts. She was likely a C cup, I estimated. She continued to the last button then dropped her blouse to the ground as a watched. She and I were both shaking slightly with nerves. She sat down and took off her shoes, I sat down opposite her and did the same, but mostly it was to hide the inevitable erection I was getting. Emily stood up again and unzipped her jeans, revealing pink thongs, very sexy, there wasn't much point in hiding my erection much more.

At this point Emily told me she would be more comfortable if I was in my underwhere too. "I understand" I said softly. I began by pulling my shirt over my head and taking off my belt, then pulling down my pants, revealing my black boxer shorts with a large tent. Emily smiled, "Your enjoying yourself I see" followed by a soft giggle. She resumed removing her clothes, unhooking her bra and exposing her breasts. They were just as good as I had pictured them, they were big, but not too big and her short brownish nipples stuck out from her breast. My tent grew slightly, she must have noticed the movement, she smiled again and looked at my groin. After some pause she said "Well, this is it. Same time?", I nodded in agreement. Shortly after we both pulled down our underwhere. We both smiled, she had a beautiful vagina, with well kept dark brown pubic hair surrounding it, lightly covering the pink hue of her clitoris. I looked down at myself, I remained fully erect, and my 6 and a half inch penis stood there, straight as an arrow and hard as a rock.

We remained standing, staring at one another for a few minutes, again Emily broke the silence, "So lets get more acquainted shall we?" She sat down in the same chairs as earlier and I sat across from her. She opened her crossed legs, I could see the pinks of her labia, the surrounding fluid glimmered. I too spread my legs and exposed the shaft of my penis and my scrotum. Emily put her hands to her vagina and spread her labia so I could see inside and see her clitoris. As she did so, I moved my hand up and down my penis, showing her.

We did this for a minute or two as she began pushing her fingers inside her vagina and started moaning softly. I was very close to ******* but managed to contain myself. Eventually Emily came over to me and put her hand on my penis and stroked it. At the same time, I felt her breasts. They were firm like I anticipated, but soft too. I felt her nipples, they were hard. Eventually worked my way to her vagina. I moved my hands between her legs and found her clitoris. I rubbed it in a circular motion with my thumb as I moved my fingers into her vagina. I could feel she was wet, it was easy for me to put my fingers up but she was tight as well. I moved my hand further back until I could feel her anus. I felt around it, feeling the soft white hairs surrounding it. She moaned again. With my index finger still lubricated from her vagina, I slit it up her anus. She jumped slightly but didn't object. I slid my finger up and down her rectum in rhythm with her stroking of my penis. Her moans increaced in volume. as did my own.

Our bodies were pressed together, are faces side by side. We turned are heads to one another and we kissed passionately. In the following few seconds I ********** in her hands, some *** also got on her stomach as well. She continued groaning softly and stroking as every last drop of ***** dripped out. I pulled my finger out of her, I smelt while she swallowed the *** from her hands ans stomach, I never thought *** could smell so good. We sat there afterward very pleased. We stood up put on our clothes and walked out. The director was still there waiting for us. He said we would have to learn to be comfortable in front of a crowd as well, that was just the first step. He asked us to undress in front of him. We did so again, he looked at us, particularly at Emily and walked up close to her. She was uncomfortable, the director noticed and said “you can't be nervous during the performance” and told us that from now on we would be nude in rehearsal in front of the whole cast as practice for the show.

It was strange for a while but after about 20 minutes of being nude in front of 30 people, the awkwardness passed. Once everyone has seen everything once, there's really no reason to feel embarrassed. I would get the occasional erection, but no one seemed to mind, it was obvious why, Emily was stunning, it would have been strange not to be aroused in that situation, besides you could tell that some of the other male cast members were aroused as well. I think the director enjoyed it as there was a surprising amount of time spent on this scene and a drastic increase in bathroom breaks, even by the women, which made me quite excited. After rehearsal I would get some looks and winks from the other female cast members, Emily told me that some of the men treated her differently after, but people were generally pretty mature about it.

My directors methods were unorthodox, but they certainly worked. During the show we were far more comfortable with one another and it was quite exciting to be kissing nude on stage with 100 people watching and our genitals on display. It was erotic and an experience I hope to have in the future. Emily and I have been dating for two years now, she is an incredible woman.

Sorry for the long story, hope you enjoyed it.
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No, it wasn't as long as some. Tittilating and well written.
I don't think I'd have the courage to do it on stage. More power to you.