Naked Dare Devils


I like to do naked dare devil like sneak at night walk around total naked on street and such. Naked beach is fun but more fun is daring naked fun.

EmikoNM EmikoNM
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Sounds like fun! My wife, however, like many Japanese women, has a lot of inhibitions. Any advice for how to get her to shed some of those?

was never she gone onsens? best kon'yoku kind is boys and girls same place, Not many is so though.

Yes, I know about konyoku onsen, but she has never been to one. When we lived in Japan, both of us were younger and more shy... :-(

ok I see was so

OK I see was was so. Lots though Japan go onsens lots times. But not always at kind is both boys girls same one.

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