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Hot Tub

I love being naked for everyone to see. Recently I was asked to a BBQ where I knew only a few people attending. As the night wore on I was about to leave when I was asked to go into the hot tub. As everyone was drinking and I was trying to liven up the party I said sure. I ******** down to my bra and panties, both light pink cotton and completely see thru once wet. It was quite a hit with the men, however most of the women seemed less than impressed. It was sexy as hell being in that hot tub with 6 other men all trying to peek at my ****. One of them finally said I should just ***** down as they could see everything anyways. So there I was buck naked. It was soon after that another wave of guests showed up, about 7 more people, and there I am completely nude, and the only one! 2 of the women were totally into it, and eventually came into the tub topless. As one of them drank more she got as horny as I was and we started to put on quite a show. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had as she fingered my ***** and I came while everyone watched. I know some people took pictures and that turned me on as well!
Denisel11 Denisel11 36-40, F 2 Responses Nov 11, 2013

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Having sex in hot tube is fun.

We do not allow any garments in our hot tub, it's nude only.

Thanks guy. First time I posted I that's what u get?