Bridge Of Thighs

I was walking home with my gf, both very H. In the City of York (England) there are several bridges, the Victorian one has recesses in the path where the buttresses are. There is a large cast iron lamp post in the middle of each recess.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
She was leaning against the far side of the post sticking her pert little bottom out for me. I twisted her skirt so that the thigh slit was at the back and I pulled her knickers down and put them in my pocket, opened my jeans and pulled out my **** and just slid it into her.
We stood and I kissed her neck as I gently rocked back and forward.
There were people crossing in front of us, couples and groups, one bunch of lads, they must have known what was happening as V was making little moaning noises. When it was deserted I'd reach down, stroke her ****, stopping when I could see someone approaching.
Eventually she started pushing back hard and came on my fingers. When we go home we settled the score.

A few days later I crossed the same bridge - in daylight. OMG, we must have been drunk. I didn't realise that we were so close to the path. EVERY ONE must have known what we were doing. Enjoy. f2w
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

hmmm LOL, you quite maneuvered you way around York in the dark,with dutch courage ;-)

nice story!

:) Sometimes it's better to be lost in booze and bliss. I'm sure passersby enjoyed the fact you were having such a good time.