Fingering My Girlfriend At The Park (Part 6)

One day me and my girlfriend Rebecca had been driven around as it was a day to be out and about. Rebecca and I had been to the mall she had to do to some shopping. On the way to where my car was parked Rebecca thought it would be nice to stop at this park and walk around. What I didnt know was that she was feeling horny! We parked I was about to get out when Rebecca told me to stay put. I asked her why and thats when she tld me she was horny and wanted to mess around in the car. I told her wouldnt it be more exciting if we did it outside! Rebecca was a little scared but I finially talked her into sitting on a picnic table while I fingered her nice tight, pink, bald, virgin *****. Rebecca was wearing a nice short skirt one in which allowed me to get under her skirt without no problems. She sat there with me just slightly iin front of her I took her panties off and began to finger her. Rebecca held onto my shoulders as I pumped her ***** with two fingers. Rebecca was moaning so loud, telling me to **** her ***** hard. I told her she was making me soo hard and that I needed her to jerk me off while I was doing this. She wasted no time in getting my **** out. Rebecca gad my **** out and was stroking it with suck joy and pleasure. The whole time I wanted to puch my **** deep inside her and just let loss with my load! It wasnt long before she and I both were maoning and out bodys trimbling with pleasure. I tool my fingers out her wett ***** and tasted them and she tasted soo good. I wanted to eat her out right there but that was a bit much for her right now but she did tell me maybe another time. Rebecca and I both after a while came at the same time. i came all over her hand and she was creaming all over my fingers as they pumped in and out of her still aftter her ******. Rebeccas body shook with pleasure til finially she took my hand away from her ***** as she couldnt take it no more! I asked if she wanted something to wipe the *** off her hand and she said no and licked all the *** from her fingers and hand.

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martymcfly1274 martymcfly1274
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Apr 24, 2011