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I'm really quite straight sexually, but open-minded in the right situations. I'm also always looking for places to be nude outdoors with some degree of safety.  In researching online, I found there was a nudist resort only a half hour from our new home.  It was a men-only resort, but I wasn't too concerned about that.  As it turned out, the men I met were all gay, enjoyed talking with me but didn't make any propositions - at first - but that's another story.

A friend I had made online and who had visited our home wanted to get together, so I suggested we meet at the resort.  He enjoyed nudity as well and is bisexual.  We met there to be able to catch up on a couple of years of happenings, do a little **** play and ******* together.  We got so busy talking as we sat at a table naked that we lost track of time.  He had only a few minutes before he had to leave for an appointment, so we started stroking each other's **** right there on the patio.  Open sex is not supposed to happen, but nobody else was near us so we played a little.  I stood and he sucked my **** a couple of minutes, then he stood and I returned the favor.  We held and stroked each other's **** as we walked to his car.

It was a sunny day, so anyone could have looked out a window and seen us, but nobody complained, if they saw us.  I was really turned on and hard as a rock, so I kept stroking my **** as he got dressed.  I wasn't really thinking about *******, just enjoying my **** out in the open in the middle of the resort near the pool.  I finally realized there could be eyes on me other than my friend's, but I kept stroking my ****.  I felt my *** starting to rise and maintained a good pace until I shot several streams of *** on the ground.  My friend watched every drop and I'm sure someone else had to see me from inside their camper.  I can be such a show-off!!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Sep 5, 2012