London Loving

My ex and I had a weekend in London last year where we really tried to experience public sex. Being unsure of the rules, we started by fingering in the back of the taxi. The cabbie could see us and was clearly enjoying it. So we did some heavy petting and groping for him too. This was about 2.30 in the afternoon so it was nice and light for other people to see in.
The cabbie dropped us at the hotel and by this point we were really in the mood, and decided to go up to the roof garden. This led to a very quick shag on one of the benches being overlooked by other hotels and offices.
This made us feel a bit bolder, so the following day we went out onto the balcony. The balcony was only small, and we shared it with the room next to us. As he started to undress me we could see people on the street noticing us. He slowly entered me and we rocked slowly and deeply on the balcony for all of central London to see. As he came, there was a quiet clapping - we turned to see the middle-aged man from the room next to us. He came out onto the balcony (my ex still has his **** out and I'm naked from the waist down) and thanks us for the show.There are still people watching from the street as he walks over to me and asks very politely if he can touch me. When I say yes he smiles and slowly inserts 1 then 2 then 3 fingers into my *** filled ***** and rubs my clitoris with his thumb. I can feel myself starting to enjoy this when the ex walks over and presses himself against my back. He repositions himself and enters my ***** from behind. At this point the chap from next door has no option but to remove his fingers from my *****, but he lifted my arms and removed my shirt. I was (as I mostly am) bra-less and he rubbed his wet fingers over my ****, bit my nipples, and went back to his room. By this point we had totally forgotten that there were people watching from the street and continued to **** on the balcony for a few more minutes, then returned inside.
That afternoon we decided to check out the open top bus tour. As it was a miserable day (grey, cold, rain and wind) everyone stayed inside the bus apart from us. We sat on the top level of the bus exposed to the elements. eventually we couldn't help dirty smiles at each other, so I kneeled on the cold wet floor and proceeded to suck him off. When he came he shot it over the side of the bus onto the road, then turned back to me and pushed me down on the seats. We were almost missionary style except not quite as the seats were a bit short so our heads were hanging of the end, and he rammed himself inside me. hard and fast he was pounding as we drove round the streets of London on our open top bus
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I was in London not that long ago, my bus ride wasn't as fun as yours, .ove to have seen it.

Wow! I'd love to play with you!