At A Restaurant

Whenever we go anywhere my girlfriend likes to dress slutty because she knows I love it when she does, and it gets a lot of people eye ******* her (she's a bit of an exhibitionist). Her hair, makeup, clothing (g string optional) and shoes all screamed *****! and this night was no different, she was wearing her 6inch heels and a new skin tight dress that showed plenty of boobs and was so short that it stuggled to cover her ***.

Even though she almost always dresses like this, watching her walk out the house in her outfit still had me aroused and hard. It only made it worse while we were being seated at the restaurant and every person had their eyes on my girlfriend.

We were seated at a booth, unfortunately it offered little privacy and she whispered disappointedly to me that she had planned to mount me at the table (the more daring the more fun we both say!) but it looked impossible to do without being arrested (and I think that is literally the only thing that would stop her doing anything in public). However this didn't stop her from teasing me and rub my **** through my pants while we waited for our orders. After our food came she gave me a wicked look and finally took my **** out of my pants and stroked me under the table until i came all over her hand, which she casually licked off of her hand.

It was so erotic to ****** in the middle of a restaurant.

After we finished our food we quickly paid and left so we could go and properly **** in the car (a story that I will further go into details another time). The huge wet patch she had left on the seat when she stood up showed me that she desperately needed it.
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Jan 9, 2013