So Romantic!

I think sex on the beach is so romantic. My first time having sex on the beach was one of the best sexual experiences of my life. My boyfriend at the time was so hot. He was muscular with great abs and a pretty big ****. We had been at the beach all day with our friends having fun but when our friends decided to leave we decided to stay. The sun was far gone by this point and we were sitting on our towel admiring the beauty of the moonlight reflecting off the ocean waves. Then he grabbed my shoulders and laid me down on the towel and began gently kissing and licking on my sensitive neck. I could feel my ***** getting moist as he slowly licked a trail from my neck down to my chest. Taking my shirt off he then began massaging my large breasts through my bra while kissing me up and down my stomach. I got impatient and began unhooking my bra but he stopped me and continued to tease me by running his fingers around my areolas and occasionally brushing over my large stiff nipples. Every time he contacted my nipples my ***** would twitch and my whole body would jump. He was driving me crazy with his teasing!

Finally he began taking my bra off slowly and started lightly kissing on my soft ******* as i wrapped my arms around him and ran my hands up and down his back. He traced a circle around my nipple with his tongue while massaging my other breast. I lightly moaned as the anticipation began to build. He would alternate between my **** equally teasing both of them before finally slipping my nipple between his lips. My ***** began to pulsate the instant he began sucking my erect nipple. I felt my panties becoming creamy as my **** juices started oozing out at a pretty rapid pace. He was sucking my **** off so good that I threw my head back in ecstasy as I let out a deep moan that echoed through the night. He then started rubbing on my fat ***** lips through my panties while nursing on my ****. That did it for me! Him sucking my **** while rubbing my ***** combined with the erotic sound of the waves crashing onto the shore in the background caused me to release a wave of my own. A stream of *** came gushing out of my ***** soaking the entire area between my legs.

He reacted to my ****** by hastily pulling off my soaked panties and burying his face into my wet ******, trying desperately to sop up anymore fluid that may come gushing out of my steamy *****. He was a little disappointed when he realized it was too late to catch my ****** in his mouth. But it only made him more determined to make me *** again. He went at my ***** like a man possessed, parting my thick **** lips with his tongue and running it up and down my dripping slit. The slurping sounds he was making while feasting on my creamy treat were so erotic. He began nibbling on my meaty ***** lips before gently flicking his tongue over my large stiff ****. I grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pushed it deep into my crotch as I started grinding my fat ***** against his mouth. I was in a state of complete ecstasy as I felt my second ****** approaching. He switched between gently caressing my **** with his lips and violently sucking on it like crazed animal.

He reached up and grabbed hold of my fat ******* as he made love to my **** and occasionally plunged his tongue into my wet hole and licking my inner walls. He told me I tasted so sweet as he rolled both my nipples between his thumb and index finger. Our eyes met as he went back to abusing my **** with his warm mouth and in that very second I felt another ****** shudder through my body. He got a mouthful as my creamy juices came streaming out of my ***** and onto his waiting face. As my ***** pulsated I could feel my walls contracting around his tongue as he stuck it deep inside me. The feeling was so sensual that it triggered another flow of *** that bathed his face.

He then turned me over onto my stomach and raised my *** into the air and started eating me out in the doggystyle position. It only lasted a few seconds before he started taking off his shorts, exposing his large swollen **** to the beach air. A gasp escaped my mouth as he impatiently slid his rock hard erection deep into my *****. I could feel my whole ***** widen to compensate for his thick rod. He began ferociously pounding my ***** while holding on to my thick hips. I could feel my fat *** cheeks jiggle with each stroke. But what really turned me on was the sound and feeling of his *** filled nutsack slapping against my **** as he went balls deep in my *****. I was on the verge of tears as he violently drilled my tight wet ******. I always liked it rough but that time it felt as if he was really trying to hurt me. But it hurt so good as I moaned and repeatedly begged him not to stop.

I loved how he would talk dirty to me while he ****** the **** out of me. He kept saying things like "Take this **** *****!" It turned me on so much. He pulled my hair and slapped my my juicy round *** while digging out my ***** and eventually I started to feel that familiar sensation of an approaching ******. I moaned louder and began to throw my *** back to him to match his long deep thrusts. It became a competition to see who could make who *** first as we began ******* the **** out of each other. I tightened my ***** muscles, squeezing his **** trying to milk it for every drop of *** he had in his balls. His low moans was evidence that I was close to winning as I knew he was close to exploding inside me. As if that wasn't enough, I reached back between my thick thighs and began gently massaging and fondling his balls as he ****** me.

That caused him to let out a loud moan as I felt his **** throbbing inside my hot **** followed by multiple streams of thick warm fluid being unloaded deep inside me. I love the feeling of a guy shooting his hot creamy load in my tight wet ****. I soon found myself experiencing my third ****** that night as my ***** started throbbing and then gushing with my ***. We moaned in unison as we both reached the peak of our *******. The he collapsed on top of me and kissed the back of my neck while his **** was still inside me. I could feel his big **** slowly shrinking in my ***** as we laid there still in a state of intense bliss. I soon realized that we had an audience as i notice some movement off in the distance. There were a few people maybe 50 yards away who were looking in our direction with smiles on there faces. We were both a little embarrassed but we were feeling too good to care. We just continued to lay there and drifted off to the sound of the waves.

If you never had beach sex I highly recommend it. Hopefully your experience will be as good as mine ;-)
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

That would be great to experience such hot beach sex, but I fear me and my partner wouldn't be as hot and naughty as you two were :)

<p>unfortunately, no such beach here... sigh</P>

i know the feeling and yes its so erotic...