Sex Shop

My girlfriend Lorena and I love doing things in public. One time we went into a local sex shop just to see what was in there. After a few minutes we were getting really turned on. We were feeling each other up pretty well when Lorena was like, "You think they would let us have sex right here in the store? I mean its a sex shop right?"
I was like, "I don't know but let's find out." We went up to the front register where a girl and a guy were working. We started talking to them and I said, "This is probably gonna sound really weird but would it be possible if my girlfriend and I actually had sex in your store?"
The workers were a bit reluctant at first but I was like, "Come on its a sex shop. If anyone walks in it'll probably be good business for you." Eventually they said alright and Lorena and I went to the back. She lifted my shirt and started playing with my ****. I could see the few people that were in the store started noticing us and I waved them over to watch. By the time Lorena worked her way to my ***** I saw that the two workers from the register had come to the back to watch as well. There was maybe ten people now watching us when I heard someone say, "You guys should just both get naked."
We looked at the two workers and asked if that was ok. At this point they were like, "Sure. You guys can do whatever." So we both ******** and tossed off our clothes. Over the next 20 minutes or so we both came twice at least and Lorena was going down on me again. I looked over at one of the workers. She was a cute blonde and couldn't have been a day over 20. I asked her to join us but she was really reluctant. I said, "Could you at least flash us? I'd really love to see your boobs."
Nervously she lifted her shirt and pulled down her bra. Everyone cheered and I got up and went over to her. Slowly I reached out and started playing with her ****. I started sucking on it and decided to push my luck a bit further and stuck a hand down her pants. She closed her eyes and started breathing hard. I looked over at Lorena who at this point was laying on the floor spread eagle playing with herself. After a bit I lifted the girls shirt over he head and undid her bra. I went down to her jean, unbuttoned it and pulled it down. She gave no resistance and even helped me pull her panties down. She kicked off her shoes and soon was completely naked like me and Lorena.
I put my mouth on her ***** and sucked for all I was worth. I wanted this to be a day she'd never forget. She grabbed my head and was grinding away at my mouth. Her moans got me so turned on. At one point I spread her *** and tried to stick a finger in there but I guess that was the line because she stopped me. I apologized and went back to work on her *****. She soon came on my face.
For the next hour or so, Lorena and I put on a show for anyone walking into the store. The blonde girl that worked there got dressed after she came but at least I got to eat her out. The store actually gave us a few ****** to play with and one of the customers even shot a load in my mouth which I swallowed.
I haven't been to this sex shop since this day but I always meant to go back. I wonder if that girl is still working there. If she is maybe I can get her to do more ;-)
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I to have had sex but it was at a Peep Show even hotter. We had our own room and it was great she was sohot as cute as you actually.. When we first started she was nervous but then she let me stick my already throbbing **** in her pretty juicy little ***** and oh let me suck hard her perfect ****...Mmmm.. I'd this more clear lol

Amazing story!

You give me hope for the world!! What a hot story!

Bet the boys were ******* off watching you girls!

If you decide to set up a betting pool on whether the store girl will play, I'll make a bet on story love

That was an amazing story! Wish I could've been in the would have had a second load to deal with!

Great story...I'll bet there was more than one load dumped while the other guys were watching!

Your a Great sexy lady I have ****** a girl in a sex shop it was amazing

thanks great story

Great story. thanks!

Great story

It's really wonderful to have sex in public! Very hot experience!

damn your amazing

Where the hell was this and why wasn't I invited? lol