At The Movie

Went with my wife to the move this weekend and as I stood in line to get some popcorn and drink this gorgeous lady keeps bumping into me and then just kind of flashing a little smile at me. Well she was gorgeous and dressed to kill. She was in a short little mini skirt and a nice little like satin top that did not hide her perky nipples nor her white bra with lace trim. Well after the third time of her bumping me ( and the place was not crowded) I decided to bump back and when I did I grab a full handful of her *** cheek. What a rush it was to do this in public knowing my wife who hates sex was only like 20 feet away but glued to her phone as usual. Well the skirt was thin and I knew she was not wearing any panties or if she was there was not much to them. She just smiled and then turned and grabbed my **** and said "Thank you". I was hard as a rock and nervous but OMG so excited.  All I could do is smile. Well she ordered her drink and small popcorn and was on her way. I collected myself and got what I wanted and my wife and I went into the theater.

As it was a packed theater we did not get seats together but that was ok. I did not really want to see this movie but the wife did so I went. I figured with out here next to me I could put my headphones in and enjoy a good netflix movie. 

Well we go in and separate and I am at the top in the back corner and I am looking and I stop and feel this huge smile on my face as the gorgeous lady is sitting right next to the one open seat which is mine. and there is another lady next to her. 

Well I happily sat down and said it was nice to sit next to a beautiful lady. She smiled and asked where my wife was. I pointed and she said great she can not see. I must of had a puzzled look on my face as she got this huge grin on her face and she looked down and at that moment I followed her gaze and saw she hiked up her short short skirt just a tiny bit and showed me that wonderful beautiful bald ***** lips that were obviously wet. Right about that time the lights went dim and the movie started. 

Well I figured that was an invitation so I took my hand and just went for it and cupped that beautiful mound and then slipped a finger in. Yes she was quite wet. I looked over and smiled and she leaned over and whispered in my ear that I had better not stop. 

Well to say the least I was all to happy to keep her entertained all movie long and utilized what I had and made sure to give her the best pleasure I could all movie long. she did not sit idle either she kept slowly and I mean slowly rubbing my ****. She would also lean over and rub her **** on my arm while whispering what a dirty man I was with my wife just feet away. What a turn on! 

Well it was close to the end and I knew how wet she was as I felt her gush several times. I have to give her credit as she kept quiet. I saw her biting her lip several times. Well I took my had out of her and was getting ready to lick them clean and she grabbed my hand and started sucking each finger that had been in her. She finished right as the credits started. She let go and pulled her skirt down (what little was to pull down). She then turned and said I hope I cleaned you enough for your wife to not know and thank you so much! She then stood up as did everyone else. I took just a second then stood up in a cloud. I looked down and her seat was a soaking mess. The I heard her say to the lady in front of her "did you like the show?" I just laughed out loud a little. 

Well I went out of the theater and straight to the restroom figured I had better  wash my hand before reconnecting with my wife. 

This was by far the best movie I went to and never saw!!!! What a great weekend. 
jolenexjo jolenexjo
36-40, M
Jan 14, 2013