My First Dirty Public Dare.

So a male friend and I were slightly drunk and we decided to have some fun. We decided on dirty dares. I went first. He dared me to call a cab and get in only in a bra and mini skirt- no panties and get myself off. Never one for a forfeit I agreed. The cab arrived and I slid into tje middle of the back seat. As we pulled away I lifted my skirt, spread ny legs and began to gently stroke my ****. By now I was extremely horny! The driver wasnt looking so I coughed to get his attention. He was soon trying to keep his eyes on his mirror and the road! As I got super wet I quickly thrust two fingers in my aching **** and finger ****** myself into oblivion moaning as loud as possible, squirting all over the back seat! The journey ended and the driver asked for payment and I replied I had no money so he agreed if I cleaned up the sticky mess I made on the back seat woth my tongue he'd forget the fare. After seductively cleaning I kissed the driver on the cheek and got out.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Wow, quite amazing, and while I would never shy to lick my own juices or yours, wow, I would have had every tetanus shot known to man after licking the back of a cab. You are brave.

omg soooooooooooooooooo fun and dirty:)

That's me ;)