In the Bus

me and boyfriend love sex anytime anuwhere, we were once did it in a bus on our way home. it was a double decker bus so no one was up there and we saw an opportunity.twas awesom

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We were in the darkness of the London aquarium when my girl friend groped my **** getting me hard.She unzipped me and *********** me as I fingered her,there were people standing almost next to us but were too interested in the fish not my eel.

best to seize the moment!

Great story. Check out mine, Her Public ******, you'll love it. Add each other? Thanks.

I like being groped and fingered in the crowded bus and trains. I remember once my skirt was lowered and i was fingered in the *** for about ten minutes and then suddenly a **** entered my wet *****. I had already spread my legs. I never looked back but the guy was real thick and gave smooth jerks with the bus. I left my panties for him. Since then i travel on the bus without panties and sometimes braless also.

Did not actually do it on the bus, but found a great thick one to take home there....mmm he was really quite good!

Oh yes. Love that. ;-)

I've done this with a girlfriend a long time ago. We were riding the bus back to where we were staying after seeing a late movie. She started giving me a hand job and then just lifted her skirt and sat on my lap. The bus was empty but I could see the bus driver wasn't quite paying attention to the road. It was dirty and dingy and most of the lights were off but it was fun!

I used to give my friend handjobs on the bus all the time. The first time we were the only 2 passangers and we were sitting in the back and he just grabbed his **** and showed me he had a hard on. I reched over and rubbed his **** than he surprised me by taking out his **** right there on the bus so I jacked him off. After that we'd do it fairly often and I even jacked him off a couple times when there were other people on the bus as well. There was also 2 times when we were the only passangers that I just leaned over in my seat and sucked my friend off.

Im a bus driver. I can't wait til a couple start ******* on my bus. I have seen couples foundle each other.

Sounds like fun! I've enjoyed bus riding, but I've never had sex on a bus! Maybe someday!