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Ohh dont get me started. First relationship that I can say that I was totally in head of heels in love with iwas a puerto rican man. Luis.... He is most definitely the one that got a way. But Miami is definitely a city for fiiiiiinnnee puerto rican men (and nyc from what I hear). I try to not discriminate but I can't help it IF I love all race of men but it's something about a man that's 100% puerto rican (full blooded boricua) and proud that just does it for me. Those lips that accent sexy body, that attitude ohh I could go on forever. I'm a very strong headed black woman and it usually seems to be only strong puerto rican men who can truly handle me.

Like the Christina Aguilera song Infatuation hits right on the nail for me.
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Preach girl!

I know right u just telling me that get me just dreaming!!

girl I feel the same way something about a caramel complexion, sexy man with a Spanish accent, actually dating one right now

girrrrlllllllll!!!!! dnt say another word mami, i feel you. Shiitt!!! dem puerto rican's are hot as ****. I just recently started dating 1. Ive always dated Dominicans but im giving them ricans a chance. N trust me, they arnt proving me wrong at all. The accent is Sexy,when they mami.. mhm mmhm that **** makes me wanna rip their clothes off no pun intended. Atleast im not the only black female that has similar feelings.

I know the accents. ohh damn it. Just say something anything... **** grammar just speak. and I'm like water.

Damn lol i love talking in spanish in bed good for you girl

Speaking Spanish in bed? Mmmmmm

hi ur cute

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