I'll Admit I Am A Nipple Guy

I freely admit I am a nipple guy. Big ones, little ones, milky ones....But my personal favorites are puffy nipples. The puffier the better. There is nthing like a huge puffy nipple straining against the thin material of a blouse.
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1 Response Jul 19, 2010

Well Said! I can't agree with you more. <br />
And the sight of them, hardened with the aureole all crinkled up in excitement, as she temps you with them as she's cowgirlin' you... leaning forward to bring them just within latch on range and just as you make lip contact with them, she straightens up to pull them away and drive you nuts... then she does it again... and again... until she lets you have them for longer, because after all, she enjoys them in your mouth as much as you want them there. <br />
<br />
From a fellow nipple guy... Thanks for this comment.